Trailer Interchange Insurance

Most commercial trucking companies and freight companies that ship need insurance to cover trucks, trailers, cargo and their business.

In the course of business, it is common for shipping companies and trucking companies to swap, or interchange, trailers between multiple trucking companies. Normal trailer insurance may not cover damages sustained while non-company drivers are hauling your trailers.

Since trucking companies save time, money, and driver sanity by working together and finishing hauls for one another, Trailer Interchange Insurance is a common way to protect a company’s property during those exchanges. Any companies that have active trailer interchange agreements should look into this type of commercial truck insurance.

Trailer Interchange Insurance

What Does Trailer Interchange Insurance Cover?

A Trailer Interchange Insurance policy allows a company’s truck insurance to cover trailers that belong to other companies. This is only as long as those companies have a written trailer interchange agreement with each other.

This type of policy is designed to cover the trailer—not the contents inside. Trailer Interchange Insurance is no substitute for Cargo Insurance. It is always good practice to look at Comprehensive Insurance coverage so your truck and company’s assets are protected in the unfortunate case of an accident or rollover.

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Trailer Interchange Insurance FAQs

Q:  What does Trailer Interchange Insurance cover?
A:  Trailer Interchange Insurance is essentially a physical damage insurance policy to cover damage or loss to trailers that are not owned by you. You are protected in the event of a non-owned trailer being damaged by collision, fire, explosion, theft, or vandalism.

Q:  Do I need Trailer Interchange Insurance coverage?
A:  If you have a trailer interchange agreement, you need Trailer Interchange Insurance to protect you while you’re in possession of a container or trailer that you don’t own. Typically, the trucker in possession of the trailer is responsible for paying any damages that are incurred while they have the trailer.

Q:  How does Trailer Interchange Insurance work?
A:  You’re hauling an exchanged trailer and after going in for a bite to eat, you come out to find that your truck and trailer have been stolen. Since you don’t own the trailer, your Comprehensive Insurance won’t pay for the trailer. This is where Trailer Interchange Insurance protects you.

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