Collision Insurance

Collision Insurance is a type of commercial truck insurance that provides coverage through compensation if a vehicle is damaged or destroyed in a crash, rollover, or other driving accident. Collision Insurance is distinct from Primary Liability Insurance which covers damages incurred to other people and property. While liability insurance is mandatory by law, Collision Insurance is usually elective and covers your property.

What does Collision Insurance not cover?

Collision Insurance does not cover your truck from damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire or other disaster outlined in your policy. To cover your vehicle from these sources, consider acquiring Comprehensive Insurance.

Collision Insurance is the certain way to decrease risk and uncertainty. With the many miles commercial truckers and motor carriers drive through all types of weather on roads and highways each year, the possibility of an accident is heightened. Collision Insurance protects an owner/operator or company from sudden and potentially catastrophic financial loss due to a collision.

Different Collision Insurance plans offer tradeoffs between cost and risk. Our agents at TIA can assist you in making the right decision for the needs of your company.

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Collision Insurance FAQs

Q:  Do I need Collision Insurance?
A:  That is something you and your agent need to discuss. If you want to protect your truck from collisions with other vehicles or objects, then you should definitely choose Collision Insurance. If your vehicle is leased, or you have a loan on it, you likely are required to have Collision Insurance.

Q:  Is Collision Insurance covered under Comprehensive Insurance?
A:  No, they are separate policies. They are complimentary and are many times part of the same package, referred to as Physical Damage Insurance.

Q:  Can you give an example of Collision Insurance Coverage?
A:  You are driving down the street and rear-end the car in front of you.
Your Primary Liability Insurance will pay for the damage to the other vehicle and your Collision Insurance will pay for the damage to your own vehicle because this was an accident in which you collided with another vehicle.

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