Bobtail Insurance for Owner Operators

If you are an independent owner/operator, Bobtail Insurance (also known as Deadhead Insurance) is essential to keep your truck covered in all types of circumstances. Since not all transport of a truck is sanctioned by a trucking company, there are times commercial truck operators are driving without being commissioned. Without that authority, a truck is not covered under a contracting trucking company’s Primary Liability Insurance.

Since there are millions of independently contracted owner/operators on the roads, Bobtail Insurance is a component of a commercial insurance policy that can’t be done without. Based in New Jersey, TIA provides Bobtail Insurance throughout the USA.

Bobtail Insurance New Jersey

Non-Trucking Liability

Bobtail Insurance is also called Non-Trucking Liability Insurance. For independent contractors, this is a primary piece of insurance. With Bobtail Insurance, the times they are not on any dispatch service will be covered in the event of an accident.

Damage can be sustained by an accident while operating recreationally, off the job site, at a service station and many other ways. If you’re not covered by a trucking company’s policy at any time, then Bobtail Insurance will pick up that slack.

Bobtail Insurance generally requires other complimentary forms of commercial truck insurance to provide full coverage for your vehicle. Comprehensive Insurance and Cargo Insurance will cover the other aspects of damage that result from any accident or rollover.

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Bobtail Insurance FAQs

Q:  What is Bobtail Insurance?
A:  Also sometimes referred to as Non-Trucking Insurance, Bobtail Insurance is an essential part of a commercial trucking insurance policy for independent owner/operators. This type of insurance covers you for liability during the times your rig is being used while not actively being commissioned by a trucking company.

Q:  Will Bobtail Insurance cover damage to my truck?
A:  No, Bobtail Insurance is liability only. To protect your equipment from damages, you will need to purchase Comprehensive Insurance, Trailer Insurance, and Cargo Insurance—many times grouped together as a Physical Damage policy.

Q:  Is there a difference between Bobtail Insurance and Non-Trucking Insurance?
A:  Yes, there is a difference. Non-Trucking Liability Insurance protects the owner/operator from any liability claims in the case of an accident when the vehicle is not being used for business purposes, and whether there’s a trailer in tow or not.
Bobtail Liability Insurance—a.k.a. Deadhead Insurance—is a commercial vehicle insurance that covers a truck without a trailer in tow while traveling, regardless of whether the truck is used for personal or business use.

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